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Lubbock LGBTQ+ History Project

What’s it like living in Lubbock?  That’s a popular question for most of us in the LGBT+ community. We tend to answer that question in several ways: to talk about our geography, politics, culture, and strength.


Sitting on the largest mesa in the United States, the Llano Estacado, you can feel like you are the only person on earth.  Our big, exposed sky entrusts you to reach up and grab it. The flat plains give you room to stretch and grow.  The sun and wind can test you to your core.  The extreme climate of a semi-arid desert can make nighttime constellations dance across the sky.  On a sunny cloudless sky, a thunderstorm can drop down on you so quickly, exposing you to a full-on end-to-end rainbow that you are sure a pot of gold is over in Idalou.  And don’t let anyone tell you that we don’t get that much snow, cause the first time you drop down in a snowdrift you will know how much snow is too much snow in these parts. 


The Lubbock LGBTQ+ History Project chronicles the history, culture, and personal narratives of our LGBTQ+ community.  While we are using various collections across Lubbock and the State of Texas for our research, we want to hear from you, the people who have lived and worked in Lubbock.  


Help us add your story/memory to our history project.  Did or do you still frequent the "gay bar"? Do you have personal papers, posters, and memorabilia you would like to share? Do you have articles, newspapers, etc., that you have saved and want to share?  What's the most you want others to know about the "gay community" in Lubbock?  Let's go down memory lane together.


Use the link below to send us your contact information with a brief overview of what you have and would like to show/tell us about life as an LGBTQ+ person in Lubbock.  Your information and identity are safe with us and will only be used by our approved researchers during the project.


Additionally we will be glad to meet with you via email, zoom, phone, and/or face-to-face to learn about your history.

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