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MAY 15, 2024 | BY: LA BRUJA


Stepping into that safe space makes me feel anything but safe. 

I can feel their shifting eyes as they look me up and down. 

I can sense the awkward body language when I start to walk around. 


Are you all uncomfortable? Is that what it is?  

Are you all jealous that the sun does not burn me? 

That it blesses me with a kiss?   

Well, I hope it does. 

I hope that makes you all uncomfortable, 

Being in my presence. 

I hope that you’re all uncomfortable  

when I flood the room with my essence  


I hope that you’re all uncomfortable  

when my voice thunders through the room 

I hope that you’re all uncomfortable with every single thing I do. 


I hope that you’re all uncomfortable  

When I voice things to be true 

I hope that all your needs to make me small 

Is overshadowed by the good that I do.  


I hope that you’re all uncomfortable 

Whenever I walk through 

Because I always feel uncomfortable  

Every day, when I'm with all of you.



I created this poem after I moved here and got to know the BIPOC LGBTQIA community in Lubbock who shared the same experiences as I did by being involved in groups that were majority white and feeling tokenized or “othered” in what's supposed to be a “safe space” for all. 

-La Bruja

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