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Promote - Educate - Celebrate - South Plains LGBTQ+ Virtual Community Center

OUTwest Lubbock Call for Blogs

We want to hear from you.  The OUTwest Lubbock Blog page is located on our website under "Living Here".  This forum is intended to highlight our community stories, experiences, and lives told in first-person accounts from the South Plains of Texas. We believe sharing our stories makes the invisible, visible.  With visibility comes PRIDE within ourselves and each other. We are proud to stand by your side and support your ability to stand out in your field and grow our community.


We have two open calls:


1.) Have a story you want to share?  Want to tell your coming OUT story?  Did you live here at one time and want to share that experience and where you are now? Are you asked; "what's it like living in Lubbock?" and felt like you could write a book? If you answered yes to any of these questions, OUTwest Lubbock Blog is your place to submit your writing.


2.) What does PRIDE Month mean to you?  Please send us your answer to this question and help others hear directly from members of our community.


3.) Calling all Queer Youth of Faith - June 30th is Queer Youth of Faith Day in the US (founded in 2019).  We invite you to submit a blog related to this theme.  The topic can be open and there is an option for you to remain anonymous if you so wish. See details below on how to submit.


What is a blog?


Blogs can take the form of a traditional letter, as well as a poem, an ode, an email, text messages, a music sheet of your composition, a black and white image or postcard with your original artwork, etc. 


Your words will not be changed or touched without your consent. This space is offered with the belief we do not need to be conclusive, eloquent, or educated in order to share our stories. 


Be mindful of any identifying information within your piece.


No names will be directly attached to any pieces. A name of your choice (including anonymous) will be listed in random order either at the beginning or end of the text. This is to preserve safety, prevent gender assumptions, and allow distance from our pieces when we need it. 


As long as a blog piece isn't sent with the intention of hate speech or violence towards the makers, it will be welcomed into the collection.

Here are a few examples of Categories we are accepting;


  • Community
  • Faith
  • Travel
  • Allyship
  • Advocacy
  • Healthcare
  • Transgender & Nonbinary
  • Queer
  • Support
  • Coming OUT
  • School/Education
  • Art
  • Activism



Q: Is there a fee?

A: No


Q: Is there a deadline? 

A: No, but we review applications submitted by the 15th of the month to notify you of your acceptance (if applicable) by the end of that particular month.


Q: How do I submit my writing?

A: See the Google form link above


Q: Can I be a reviewer?

A:  Yes, please email and tell us a little about yourself and how you want to volunteer.


Q: What should I do to prepare my application?

A: Please prepare your writing using a Word doc file. You will be asked to upload your writing as an attachment.  On your Word document, include your name (including anonymous), title, email, and where applicable a word count. If you are submitting images please include any identifying information that helps the reader understand your image. There is not a word limit but keep in mind this is a blog and our readers are most likely reading on a device that fits in their lap.  We can take up to 100 MB files.  If your file is larger, please find a way to fit within these parameters using a PDF.


Direct all questions to


*The meaning of FOLX is folks - used especially to explicitly signal the inclusion of groups commonly marginalized. 

To apply please complete the OUTwest Lubbock Blog Google form here; 

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