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About Us

Mission:  Promote, educate and celebrate equality for all within the LGBTQ & Ally community supporting individuals, organizations, and communities.


Vision:  Our vision is to support a positive presence where LGBTQ people are welcomed and celebrated; where intolerance is challenged and defeated; where voices are heard, included, and affirmed; and where civil rights of all people are valued and respected.




  • From 1985 – 1992, dedicated community members managed the Community Outreach Center here in Lubbock.  The center was a welcoming environment for all and hosted various events throughout the year. 
  • From 2003-present a number of Lubbock and Texas Tech University members have organized various events throughout the year.  South Plains College has also been instrumental in forming the first-ever gay/straight alliance student organization during this time.  

    Texas Tech University Student Counseling Center hosts support group sessions and allies training on a regular basis.

    Additionally, the only officially registered GLBTQ student organization for Texas Tech, TTU Gender and Sexuality Association (formally known as Gay/Straight Alliance), was founded in 1985 under the name "Student Services for Lesbians, Gays and Friends." They continued serving under this name until 1992 when they changed their name to "The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Student Association," which subsequently changed to a more radical name: "Queers and Allies". In 1995, the organization changed its name for the final time to the Texas Tech University Gay-Straight Alliance. For the past twenty-five years, the organization has served the students of Texas Tech University by creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for queer students and their allies and by advocating for equality on campus.
  • Texas Tech's Gender and Sexuality Association is dedicated to both preserving the history of the LGBTQ movement on campus and building off foundations already built through social events, community outreach, educational lectures and forums, and grassroots organizing.
  • As of 2023 a second student organization formed called Rainbow Leaders Association
  • Note: 2005 marked the 1st Annual LGBT and Allies Awareness Week in Lubbock, TX.

Source sited: Texas Tech University, TechAnnounce System Online Archives


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