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#VoteThemIn Campaign

Lubbock Election - Mayor and District 2 Runoff


There is plenty on the ballot this year.  

  • Mayor - Two (2) Year Term
    • Steve Massengale
      • What does Massengale think about #PRIDE?
      • No response.
    • Mark McBrayer
      • What does McBrayer think about #PRIDE?
      • Councilperson Mark McBrayer, who said citizens will have disagreements over “sexual politics,” said it would be improper to issue a proclamation. - Texas Tribune, June 27, 2023
  • City Council Representative


There are 190,384 registered voters in Lubbock County as of 05/06/24.  Are you one of them?  Need to check your status, check your mail-in deadline, and/or check your polling location. 


What does #VoteThemIn mean?


Have you ever felt like the candidate(s) running for office who have asked for our vote seem to want us when it counts for them but not so much when it counts for you?  What would it mean if we took a stand and said we would #VoteThemIn?  How would the candidate respond? What values would we expect in that person?  These are just a few questions we ask ourselves before we go into the voting booth.  Join us in working hard to #VoteThemIn to office. Do your homework.  Engage with the candidate(s). Ask the hard questions.


  • We believe a candidate should align with a political platform that celebrates diversity, stands up for equity, and supports growth and prosperity for the underserved.


What can you do?

  • Check your candidate asking for your vote.
    • Follow your candidate on social media.
    • Go to the source directly and contact your candidate and ask for their agenda.
    • Attend any public forums and ask the hard questions.
    • Read the sample ballot before going to the polls.


Where can I find a sample ballot?


Where can I vote?

  • Runoff Election TBA in June!


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